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Long term holders just add if that happens.Ramp Worm04/19/17, 4:24 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Technical trading hookemfins 04/19/17, 4:03 pmMotley Fool
Technical trading PucksFool 04/19/17, 3:43 pmMotley Fool
This Will Seal The Fate Of Apple $AAPL inthemoneystock 04/19/17, 3:22 pmMotley Fool
Apple World Domination #IOTKICK104/19/17, 11:16 amInvestorsHub
Still gathering informationbut wouldn't want betdunk2304/19/17, 9:22 amInvestorsHub
It's expected to be on May 2. DoBritannyJ56404/18/17, 4:26 pmInvestorsHub
Re: board shift zsimpson 04/18/17, 3:53 pmMotley Fool
Re: board shift WHOVPLLC 04/18/17, 3:24 pmMotley Fool
CREDIT SUISSE ROCKJCP 04/18/17, 8:23 amMotley Fool
Re: AAPL ROCKJCP 04/17/17, 4:48 pmMotley Fool
Re: AAPL zsimpson 04/17/17, 8:25 amMotley Fool
Re: AAPL timothyrussell 04/17/17, 5:22 amMotley Fool
I believe its may 2ndatenza04/17/17, 2:23 amInvestorsHub
Re: AAPL DutchMark 04/15/17, 11:24 pmMotley Fool
Apple Secures Permit to Test Autonomous Vehicles TimsRedbeard 04/15/17, 2:50 pmMotley Fool
Apple users missing out on all the excitement rnam 04/14/17, 6:00 pmMotley Fool
If AAPL gets $140 on Monday, then itBritannyJ56404/14/17, 4:27 pmInvestorsHub
$AAPLgoing to buy this company http://finance.yahoo.com/news/syncpal-first-genstephen21804/14/17, 3:31 pmInvestorsHub
Apple and its investors love shorts!Go AAPL!!!AlanC04/14/17, 8:30 amInvestorsHub
Well, I expect that this bearish time willBritannyJ56404/13/17, 6:00 pmInvestorsHub
Re: AAPL zsimpson 04/13/17, 1:40 pmMotley Fool
Guess they were not invited...lmao!!!DISCHINO04/13/17, 12:35 pmInvestorsHub
Didn't indicate I believe it.Just thatPrudent Capitalist04/13/17, 11:47 amInvestorsHub
Re: AAPL BreckHutHigh 04/13/17, 11:07 amMotley Fool
Re: AAPL jwiest 04/13/17, 10:56 amMotley Fool
Apple potentially acquiring Disney?That was thePrudent Capitalist04/13/17, 10:11 amInvestorsHub
AAPL KathLamarre 04/13/17, 7:59 amMotley Fool
We don't even have to push Apple. TheyCharndog04/12/17, 8:57 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Apple’s Snapchat-killer app “Cli zsimpson 04/12/17, 12:46 pmMotley Fool
That's their problem,not mine.DISCHINO04/12/17, 11:03 amInvestorsHub
Apple’s Snapchat-killer app “Clips KathLamarre 04/12/17, 8:08 amMotley Fool
Re: upgrades larryhamilton 04/12/17, 4:28 amMotley Fool
Yup....bk.DISCHINO04/11/17, 11:27 pmInvestorsHub
Not the best day for the stock.FrancisUnderwood04/11/17, 3:48 pmInvestorsHub
Apple is tanking. The end is near ????Charndog04/11/17, 11:59 amInvestorsHub
Teen Age Pacifiers BreckHutHigh 04/10/17, 11:18 pmMotley Fool
Re: Apple given $160.00 PT larryhamilton 04/10/17, 5:50 amMotley Fool
Bears will be panicking when this gaps up.jones9904/10/17, 5:41 amInvestorsHub
A conversation worth reading PucksFool 04/9/17, 10:26 pmMotley Fool
Must read!If Apple adds its ownWillard9904/9/17, 10:37 amInvestorsHub
$AAPLCNBC Now?Verified account @CNBCnow 28 Sep 2015farmer604/7/17, 11:45 amInvestorsHub
Can AAPL Double Service Business By 2020? BreckHutHigh 04/7/17, 10:25 amMotley Fool
Apple given $160.00 PT KyanJYoung1 04/7/17, 5:53 amMotley Fool
Re: upgrades timothyrussell 04/7/17, 5:09 amMotley Fool
Just a slight move up and AAPL isBritannyJ56404/6/17, 5:47 pmInvestorsHub
Why would you post an opinion and saysJust a Speculator04/6/17, 10:24 amInvestorsHub
APPL buying TSLAgeorgejjl04/5/17, 8:22 pmInvestorsHub
The existing ones work just fine. The onlyFrancisUnderwood04/5/17, 6:25 pmInvestorsHub
AAPL almost did it. Almost reached the rangeBritannyJ56404/5/17, 6:02 pmInvestorsHub


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