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More news -Watson909/22/17, 1:07 pmInvestorsHub
The article says no lines at the Apple stores.DISCHINO09/22/17, 12:09 pmInvestorsHub
Funny how those gaps on the chart get filled.conix09/22/17, 11:54 amInvestorsHub
Street does not like what it sees....another down day.DISCHINO09/22/17, 11:37 amInvestorsHub
It just shows the high demand for theStock Guy77709/22/17, 11:25 amInvestorsHub
Like you I hope Apple is able toAlanC09/22/17, 9:54 amInvestorsHub
What a huge buying opportunity.Is thispack1009/22/17, 9:48 amInvestorsHub
Amen to that!The shorts will propelAlanC09/22/17, 8:54 amInvestorsHub
Thx! Same to you and your wife. ;-)Juancy09/22/17, 8:38 amInvestorsHub
best wishes to your daughterzambono09/22/17, 8:36 amInvestorsHub
My daughter bought the 7 Plus about 3Juancy09/22/17, 8:33 amInvestorsHub
I was pushing her for the 8 butzambono09/22/17, 8:19 amInvestorsHub
Piper ups Apple target to $196 after iPhonejimmybob09/22/17, 7:20 amInvestorsHub
Citi reviews iPhone 8 launches, says customers waitingjimmybob09/22/17, 7:19 amInvestorsHub
Re: AAPL Judy45 09/22/17, 5:49 amMotley Fool
AAPL SPY QQQ JP Morgan Jamie Dimon saidMiguelHammond1009/22/17, 4:45 amInvestorsHub
Re: GIFTS ItsGoingUp 09/22/17, 3:32 amMotley Fool
I think the only reason they introduced theJuancy09/21/17, 10:01 pmInvestorsHub
My wife might get the 8 plus butzambono09/21/17, 9:46 pmInvestorsHub
Love all the bad press! Load up ifthoand09/21/17, 7:56 pmInvestorsHub
Just dumb mgmt...DISCHINO09/21/17, 7:44 pmInvestorsHub
What was Apple thinking introducing the iPhone 8Juancy09/21/17, 7:01 pmInvestorsHub
Re: GIFTS awlabrador 09/21/17, 2:52 pmMotley Fool
Re: GIFTS minecloud9 09/21/17, 2:14 pmMotley Fool
iWatch3 causing issues?DISCHINO09/21/17, 12:03 pmInvestorsHub
Re: GIFTS ItsGoingUp 09/21/17, 2:48 amMotley Fool
Re: GIFTS minecloud9 09/20/17, 10:27 pmMotley Fool
Re: GIFTS ItsGoingUp 09/20/17, 6:17 pmMotley Fool
Down 2.66....no confidence in the junk i8?DISCHINO09/20/17, 4:57 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Poll: Cost basis? PucksFool 09/20/17, 3:28 pmMotley Fool
Re: Poll: Cost basis? zsimpson 09/20/17, 3:04 pmMotley Fool
Oh no, here come those pesky shorts, schoolingDISCHINO09/20/17, 2:24 pmInvestorsHub
$AAPL Falls Sharply, Here Is The Price ToITMS09/20/17, 2:12 pmInvestorsHub
Seems to be the opposite to me, butDISCHINO09/20/17, 1:07 pmInvestorsHub
Those shorts are not the sharpest knives inAlanC09/20/17, 1:04 pmInvestorsHub
Re: GIFTS minecloud9 09/20/17, 12:48 pmMotley Fool
Re: GIFTS minecloud9 09/20/17, 12:43 pmMotley Fool
$AAPLDaily and Weekly Chart http://stockchar$Pistol Pete$09/20/17, 12:42 pmInvestorsHub
https://www.gottabemobile.com/common-apple-watch-problems-fixes/DISCHINO09/20/17, 11:27 amInvestorsHub
GIFTS CurtisMLee 09/20/17, 11:09 amMotley Fool
HahaEthereum09/20/17, 11:05 amInvestorsHub
I watch problems!ResearchDD09/20/17, 11:00 amInvestorsHub
LO 500 $AAPL @554.33 Open #HeyBaby #AI Fill itEthereum09/20/17, 10:59 amInvestorsHub
Are those pesky shorts at it again?DISCHINO09/20/17, 10:48 amInvestorsHub
Re: Poll: Cost basis? DolonAltekar 09/20/17, 10:41 amMotley Fool
Looking to get back in?I soldResearchDD09/20/17, 10:35 amInvestorsHub
look out belowrealfast9509/20/17, 10:21 amInvestorsHub
AAPL stock will move forward and upward towardstockchaser6409/20/17, 9:00 amInvestorsHub
I must have missed something???pack1009/20/17, 8:53 amInvestorsHub
Do you understand how rich I amKICK109/20/17, 2:39 amInvestorsHub


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