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There are no public high schools in China.TREND107/23/17, 4:01 pmInvestorsHub
I always get DELL computers with 4 year warranties.TREND107/23/17, 3:24 pmInvestorsHub
How old was your computer?TREND107/23/17, 11:18 amInvestorsHub
After my survey response to Apple I receivedRichieRich07/23/17, 10:38 amInvestorsHub
How do you know iOS sucks if youzdog07/22/17, 11:58 pmInvestorsHub
China high school requires IPAD to enter.TREND107/22/17, 1:39 pmInvestorsHub
AAPLTREND107/22/17, 1:32 pmInvestorsHub
#Apple and #Nvidia Taking over Baby! #AI #IOTKICK107/21/17, 12:06 pmInvestorsHub
You asked them for other options? At AppleFrancisUnderwood07/20/17, 4:28 pmInvestorsHub
Re: AAPL johnfraga 07/20/17, 4:22 pmMotley Fool
Apple is a bit risky at these levels.rayank07/20/17, 1:14 pmInvestorsHub
Yes, it is sad. I'm very disappointed. AndRichieRich07/20/17, 12:31 pmInvestorsHub
Always a good idea to make investment decisionsWatson907/20/17, 12:04 pmInvestorsHub
No it's not bs. Williamsburg Brooklyn Apple Store, yesterday.RichieRich07/20/17, 11:00 amInvestorsHub
Re: AAPL PSUEngineer 07/20/17, 10:25 amMotley Fool
#Apple #RT World Domination #Tech Health! Go #AAPLKICK107/19/17, 12:58 pmInvestorsHub
Re: AAPL NedScheer 07/19/17, 12:04 pmMotley Fool
Apple is offering new old model laptops toRichieRich07/19/17, 10:48 amInvestorsHub
Re: AAPL johnfraga 07/19/17, 5:38 amMotley Fool
AAPL---UP OVER 50% IN THE PAST 12 MONTHS!Dadx407/18/17, 6:01 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Is MSFT too late with a smart home speaker? Milligram46 07/17/17, 9:54 pmMotley Fool
Re: Is MSFT too late with a smart home speaker? WHOVPLLC 07/17/17, 5:32 pmMotley Fool
Re: Is MSFT too late with a smart home speaker? Milligram46 07/17/17, 1:38 pmMotley Fool
No dump today for aapl sorryBakovic07/17/17, 10:33 amInvestorsHub
NED DAVIS RESEARCH ROCKJCP 07/17/17, 9:02 amMotley Fool
Re: Is MSFT too late with a smart home speaker? zsimpson 07/17/17, 8:45 amMotley Fool
up 2/3 from its low a year ago CurtisMLee 07/17/17, 6:32 amMotley Fool
Re: Is MSFT too late with a smart home speaker? Milligram46 07/16/17, 3:03 pmMotley Fool
A young couple I know, bought a pairDISCHINO07/16/17, 1:12 pmInvestorsHub
Everyone ? ?s talking about these unauthorized Apple recordings.Rogue Applensalvatore07/15/17, 10:19 amInvestorsHub
It was extremely strong yesterday so of courseJWard9907/14/17, 5:20 amInvestorsHub
Considering the big tech selloff...the best names alwaysjones9907/14/17, 5:16 amInvestorsHub
Re: AAPL larryhamilton 07/14/17, 5:00 amMotley Fool
Re: AAPL johnfraga 07/14/17, 4:52 amMotley Fool
Not buying it. Was expecting a link as well.FrancisUnderwood07/13/17, 8:09 pmInvestorsHub
This has been a rumor for years. NotNYCPuglet07/13/17, 6:57 pmInvestorsHub
It seems that all troubles are left behind.BritannyJ56407/13/17, 4:36 pmInvestorsHub
Extremely credible :)StockRanger800007/13/17, 4:07 pmInvestorsHub
Source?FrancisUnderwood07/13/17, 2:01 pmInvestorsHub
Apple to buy Netflix... This is gonna beStockRanger800007/13/17, 12:38 pmInvestorsHub
Maybe it's a 3 for 1 sale....lolDISCHINO07/13/17, 11:51 amInvestorsHub
LMFAO!History has shown that it isPrudent Capitalist07/13/17, 10:50 amInvestorsHub
Your selling all your holdings based on somethingoldmusky07/13/17, 7:06 amInvestorsHub
Is $1200 pricetag confirmed by Apple? That soundsFrancisUnderwood07/13/17, 7:02 amInvestorsHub
#Apple baby! :))KICK107/13/17, 1:11 amInvestorsHub
Better products out there for far less.DISCHINO07/12/17, 9:35 pmInvestorsHub
a lot of peopleGoodWill07/12/17, 9:22 pmInvestorsHub
AAPLTREND107/12/17, 5:43 pmInvestorsHub
Overrated stock, falling sales all HYPEab304m07/12/17, 2:35 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Big tech partners with Rental Agencies dsbrady 07/12/17, 8:55 amMotley Fool


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