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AAPL should get $120 before the next earnings.BritannyJ56411/18/16, 2:27 pmInvestorsHub
Innovating or not innovating, does it matter? Asatenza11/17/16, 10:00 pmInvestorsHub
Also, in regards to Trump: Apple supplier Foxconncrudeoil2411/17/16, 9:16 pmInvestorsHub
The stock is not tanking and not going to.FrancisUnderwood11/17/16, 5:52 pmInvestorsHub
I dont think you will make people realizeDunlop11/17/16, 4:31 pmInvestorsHub
Not gonna happen.FrancisUnderwood11/17/16, 2:27 pmInvestorsHub
'pack10'? Agreed and this GEM is makingib12u11/17/16, 8:44 amInvestorsHub
Dumb news for the dim witted.... Woman indb11/17/16, 6:21 amInvestorsHub
Re: Do I buy another iMac? TheCrusader 11/17/16, 3:54 amMotley Fool
Some nice gains today.pennystockaholic11/16/16, 11:56 pmInvestorsHub
Nobody, except those who are short, believe theAlanC11/16/16, 7:29 pmInvestorsHub
Money movin! $AAPL Apple money baby lower taxKICK111/16/16, 4:09 pmInvestorsHub
It's getting higher. Good! I strongly expect $115BritannyJ56411/16/16, 2:50 pmInvestorsHub
Will Apple And Toms Partnership Trigger Apple Watchtrendmkr11/16/16, 2:38 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Do I buy another iMac? CCinOC 11/16/16, 9:02 amMotley Fool
Apple Owns Biggest US Corporate Cash Stockpiletrendmkr11/15/16, 10:42 pmInvestorsHub
Chances are extremely slim, but I wouldn't mindpennystockaholic11/15/16, 7:55 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Trump vs Apple Goofyhoofy 11/15/16, 2:32 pmMotley Fool
It has to go down to go upKICK111/15/16, 10:14 amInvestorsHub
Re: strong Mac Book Sales? Gabridge 11/15/16, 9:38 amMotley Fool
Re: Trump vs Apple HMALETTER 11/14/16, 10:37 pmMotley Fool
Re: Trump vs Apple HMALETTER 11/14/16, 10:36 pmMotley Fool
TO ALL,power1111/14/16, 6:41 pmInvestorsHub
Just flying around New Zealand And Oz... Oneuroptiger11/14/16, 4:17 pmInvestorsHub
That sounds good too!InvestmentFan11/14/16, 4:01 pmInvestorsHub
Low 700s sound good to me.Makinitrain11/14/16, 3:51 pmInvestorsHub
I want $700.Makinitrain11/14/16, 3:40 pmInvestorsHub
Longs will be just fine.Once enoughAlanC11/14/16, 2:39 pmInvestorsHub
Who's waiting for low 90's to buy with me?JTrader11/14/16, 2:28 pmInvestorsHub
Samsung throwing 8$ billion at the self drivingptrigger11/14/16, 9:37 amInvestorsHub
Re: Trump vs Apple flyerboys 11/13/16, 6:34 amMotley Fool
Those news are from days ago.Makinitrain11/12/16, 11:57 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Trump vs Apple irasmilo 11/12/16, 12:36 amMotley Fool
I would like to thank all veterans forDadx411/11/16, 5:11 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Trump vs Apple DTBoojum 11/11/16, 4:20 pmMotley Fool
Re: Trump vs Apple Goofyhoofy 11/11/16, 3:54 pmMotley Fool
That's a waste of money and not veryLowjack11/11/16, 11:57 amInvestorsHub
Re: Trump vs Apple DTBoojum 11/11/16, 8:56 amMotley Fool
Speaking of Trumphttp://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/apple/are-apple-products-trDunlop11/11/16, 12:49 amInvestorsHub
Re: Trump vs Apple NedScheer 11/10/16, 7:51 pmMotley Fool
Damn. This got hit big on an upZombieSecurityAgent11/10/16, 7:32 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Trump vs Apple dbsf 11/10/16, 7:08 pmMotley Fool
We will see if it gaps down now.NoDunlop11/10/16, 6:55 pmInvestorsHub
Buffett gonna eat words bout Trump. Apple goin down.Eagleize11/10/16, 4:28 pmInvestorsHub
Re: Trump vs Apple Wildtool1 11/10/16, 1:42 pmMotley Fool
Hahaha what?! Short term? Or position Short?GoliathVette11/10/16, 12:34 pmInvestorsHub
Lol shorts getting schooled like they always do! HahaRead-Dark Pool11/10/16, 11:45 amInvestorsHub
strong Mac Book Sales? revverandpdawg 11/10/16, 11:11 amMotley Fool
Jeeze! What's going on??Watching for reversal!AnG564011/10/16, 10:43 amInvestorsHub
Re: Do I buy another iMac? TheCrusader 11/10/16, 10:27 amMotley Fool


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