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Yeah well Samsung will always have whatever IPZombieSecurityAgent09/28/16, 9:08 pmInvestorsHub
Zombie,a couple of friends of mine work atpower1109/28/16, 8:30 pmInvestorsHub
TO ALL :power1109/28/16, 8:14 pmInvestorsHub
Apple Deloitte Team Up to Accelerate BusinessGranddadx609/28/16, 7:52 pmInvestorsHub
So does oil in the ocean.DISCHINO09/28/16, 7:29 pmInvestorsHub
#Tweet game on Apple #iPhone7 sales Boom! $AAPLKICK109/28/16, 3:57 pmInvestorsHub
Yeap. Good time to start accumulating themRead-Dark Pool09/28/16, 2:28 pmInvestorsHub
Here comes the dipAlready made it09/28/16, 12:07 pmInvestorsHub
I shorted into I7 release. Made a lotFrancisUnderwood09/28/16, 10:04 amInvestorsHub
The Street and Jim Cramer still high onPrudent Capitalist09/28/16, 10:01 amInvestorsHub
Wow.I don't own any stock hereMexico1009/28/16, 9:54 amInvestorsHub
This baby is going nowhere but up today.Bogwon09/28/16, 9:50 amInvestorsHub
Dont be surprised this goes negative; WS lovesFrancisUnderwood09/28/16, 9:11 amInvestorsHub
Android crashing 2.5 times more than iOShttp://www.forbes.com/sites/shelbycarpatenza09/27/16, 10:20 pmInvestorsHub
http://www.forbes.com/sites/ewanspence/2016/09/27/apple-removes-iphone-lightningpennystockaholic09/27/16, 9:56 pmInvestorsHub
I drilled 2 holes... Now i have 2Dunlop09/27/16, 6:06 pmInvestorsHub
#Apple Looking Good... Rocket Ready! $AAPL sales offKICK109/27/16, 2:32 pmInvestorsHub
Apple iPhone 7 Drilled To Make Headphone Jacktrendmkr09/27/16, 11:47 amInvestorsHub
They have done quite well thanks to IP theft.DISCHINO09/27/16, 9:53 amInvestorsHub
If you didn't get that information from Applepack1009/27/16, 9:19 amInvestorsHub
25% down from iphone 6 salesjakewhite09/27/16, 9:16 amInvestorsHub
You must mean calls, right. Thepack1009/27/16, 9:15 amInvestorsHub
Time to load up on PUTSjakewhite09/27/16, 6:34 amInvestorsHub
110 puts are looking nice hereAlready made it09/27/16, 12:39 amInvestorsHub
Re: News Milligram46 09/27/16, 12:30 amMotley Fool
I can see that happening, but I thinkpennystockaholic09/26/16, 9:17 pmInvestorsHub
I fully agree. Over the years I've missedGranddadx609/26/16, 4:20 pmInvestorsHub
AAPL would be expected to take a breatherPrudent Capitalist09/26/16, 4:12 pmInvestorsHub
Most here prefer facts instead of personal opinions.Granddadx609/26/16, 4:05 pmInvestorsHub
Re: News ROCKJCP 09/26/16, 2:06 pmMotley Fool
The iPhone 7 was unveiled on Sept. 9thWatson909/26/16, 1:57 pmInvestorsHub
If the i7 is the best phone everDISCHINO09/26/16, 1:35 pmInvestorsHub
This was 10 yrs ago. Everyone switched toRead-Dark Pool09/26/16, 1:26 pmInvestorsHub
The reason little or no traffic for Android,DISCHINO09/26/16, 1:07 pmInvestorsHub
The best? Versus who may i ask? http://www.forbes.com/sites/ralphjennings/2016atenza09/26/16, 1:02 pmInvestorsHub
HTC tried it years ago. It nothing new.Read-Dark Pool09/26/16, 12:55 pmInvestorsHub
Define innovation if you may. I want toatenza09/26/16, 12:54 pmInvestorsHub
? ?Apple's 'Invisible Hand' will change the way youFrancisUnderwood09/26/16, 12:53 pmInvestorsHub
Looks like everyone is following AAPL's lead onWatson909/26/16, 12:51 pmInvestorsHub
Eh? http://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/apple/apple-virtual-reality-release-dateatenza09/26/16, 12:47 pmInvestorsHub
No VR or Augmented reality.Read-Dark Pool09/26/16, 12:41 pmInvestorsHub
Oh trust me Apple is helping the cause.Read-Dark Pool09/26/16, 12:40 pmInvestorsHub
There we go =] let it outatenza09/26/16, 12:37 pmInvestorsHub
Listen were not shorting apple because of apple.Read-Dark Pool09/26/16, 12:27 pmInvestorsHub
Problem solved already, ios 10.0.2.atenza09/26/16, 12:21 pmInvestorsHub
3.5mm headphone jack First and foremost, people are complainingRead-Dark Pool09/26/16, 12:12 pmInvestorsHub
EarPod control malfunctions A number of users have complainedRead-Dark Pool09/26/16, 12:10 pmInvestorsHub
Nonsense.And there is essentially a headphonePrudent Capitalist09/26/16, 12:02 pmInvestorsHub
Despite exuberance from the wireless service providers, itRead-Dark Pool09/26/16, 11:58 amInvestorsHub
https://www.google.ca/amp/s/amp.ibtimes.co.uk/samsung-galaxy-note-2-emits-sparksGranddadx609/26/16, 11:38 amInvestorsHub


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